Yin and Yang Koi Bundle ID# 798


Ginrin Platinum (white koi fish) is 20″ ~ $800
Doitsu Karasugoi (black koi fish) is 13″ ~ $500
Buy them both for $1000
Gin Rin Platinum (White) the symbol of positive energy, wealth and surplus to your Home.
Sumi represent the drawing of the negative energy from your home.


History and Legend has it the Black koi is the strongest koi able to draw in the negative energy surrounding its home,and White Platinum Koi create positive energy thus allowing good fortune, wealth and prosperity into ones life. Ask Farms has two such beauties both as jet black as I have seen however each has its own unique underside, they were purchased specifically together at just 9″ each from Aoklya Koi Farm, and Two Platinum Koi.  They have a special place here at the Farm. to tell a story, it was a stormy day they arrived in Ontario Canada delivery trucks were stalled down to crawls, they delivery truck arrived at the depot hours late and after closing on a Friday. okay so you say you can get them first thing Saturday. No I say to you this depot is a terminal depot No customer service available and to worsen the ordeal, its closed till Monday Morning at 7am when the staff arrived. You know how the story ends. but I feared the worst going in. 72 Hours in a shipping box. It is the longest I have ever heard of. needless to say I arrived and meet the key hold at the door, told my story and these are or were live Koi, he retrieved the box  and brought the box out. With great care and caution I slowly pealed back the tape to open the box and see inside. not one but both Koi were alive, what a marvel. So do I believe in the good fortune these koi can bring ? Absolutely.  ASK Farms also brought in 2 Platinum white koi on that fateful trip, for a Ying and Yang energy. They too survived.