SOLD 15″ Doitsu Ki Japanese Koi ID# 704


Born 2016

Kujaku are koi with a solid white base, accented by a black net pattern along with patterns of red/orange/yellow. The net pattern is created by a black edging on each individual scale.


15″ Doitsu Ki  Koi. This is one of the best koi we have at ASK Farms,  We try hard to bring in the very best but once in awhile there is one that just leaves people talking. This Doitsu Ki Koi arrived in the very first box of Japanese koi ASK Farms purchased as a business, This Koi along with 4 others have grown into the ones we all look for, Maybe I am sentimental towards these few because they were the first Japanese Koi to arrive here back in the begining as I moved from Hobbiest Koi keeper to Business.

If you would like to purchase this koi from my personal pond, I will need pictures of your pond, water tests results, years of your experience with Koi,

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